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Katy Perry rooting for Seahawks, pokes fun at Patriots

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Katy Perry promised she’d bring some lightheartedness to the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, and if her press conference was any indication, she’ll deliver.

Channeling her inner Marshawn Lynch, Katy Perry explained she was at the Super Bowl Halftime Show press conference so she “won’t get fined” and proclaimed her performance at the game would “not be deflated.”

It’s no surprise Perry will be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Perry is friends with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson but was open to making business arrangements with Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots after hearing him sing on media day.

“We’re in negotiations for him to be my opener on the rest of my tour,” Perry joked.

Perry is known for huge production values on her tour and said she has spent months creating the halftime show from scratch.

She guaranteed many wardrobe changes during the 12 1/2-minute performance she said would include lions and sharks.

One animal that will not be on stage at halftime is Perry’s dog Butters, who made a brief appearance at the press conference.

“She hasn’t been allowed on the field,” Perry said as Butters scampered around in circles on the stage. “There are restrictions.”

Lenny Kravitz will performing with Perry and the pop star also teased that another performer would make an appearance on the big stage.

Perry said viewers’ jaws would drop when the singer makes her entrance.

“I wanted to bring someone back, like a throwback of sorts,” said Perry. “All I can say is that it’ll be a real female fun night.”

Perry said she was probably more excited than anyone else to perform at the Super Bowl and that enthusiasm is likely to show in her performance.

“I just hope at the end of the day 100 million people are all smiling in unison,” Perry said. “And if you can imagine that happening, I think there’s going to be an incredible energy that goes across the world. “