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Familiar foe presents Super Bowl challenge for Seahawks

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PHOENIX- Being brothers does not always mean working together.

New England Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner will be on the field Sunday with his “brothers” as a member of the opposing team.

“It is a little extra special. Like I said, winning the game will be more special,” said Browner, who played his first three NFL seasons with the Seattle Seahawks before signing with the Patriots in 2014.

Two of those “brothers” – Seahawks wide receivers Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse- are prepared for the challenges a former teammate brings.

Studying film and watching the Patriots technique will help prepare them but at the end of the day “we just got to prepare like it’s a normal week,” said Kearse.

Both receivers face the tough task of beating another top flight corner in Darrelle Revis.

“You have to be very aggressive with your releases and make sure you aren’t giving anything away because if you do he’s going to be in the right spot at the right time and you aren’t going to get off the ball,” Baldwin said.

And what about the growing legend of “Revis Island?”

“You know what?” Baldwin said. “I am going to bring my sunblock, my shades and my hat and I’m going to go to Revis Island and see what I can do and I will let you know after the game.”

Eager to get back to work, the Seahawks held their first practice at Arizona State University’s Verde Dickey Dome and Bill Kajikawa Football Fields. Coach Pete Carroll calls the mid-week workout ‘’competition Wednesdays.’’

“It’s really about making this a great practice day and that means that we want to compete whenever we can. That’s what happens. We keep score, somebody is going to win, somebody is going to lose today,” said Carroll.

The Seahawks were relieved to put the media and questions aside and focus on football. “No offense to you guys but I’m tired of answering the same questions. Trying to form different ways to answer it for you guys,” said Kearse.

Carroll was ready to get back to work, too.

“Now that we’re here I think we can do something really special with it if we can play a good football game. We’re so fortunate to be here and we’re not going to miss this opportunity to go for it,” said Carroll.