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Suns get to know plays, teammates at training camp

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Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014

By Elle Johns


ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: We are one week away from the Phoenix Suns preseason opener.  I was up in Flagstaff for day two of the training camp, where the higher altitude was proving difficult for some players. But for returners, it’s an easy adjustment.

GERALD GREEN/SUNS SHOOTING GUARD: I think the new guys are kinda just adjusting, but I think the guys that have been here last year are just kind of picking up where they left off.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: Seven-year NBA veteran Green is taking on the role of building the team’s community.

GERALD GREEN/SUNS SHOOTING GUARD: I’m trying to get everyone to talk more. I think that once we loosen up – I think that everyone is still trying to feel each other out.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: It’s not just the communication the Suns are working on, it’s also the way they run the court.

GERALD GREEN/SUNS SHOOTING GUARD: Everybody’s still trying to learn a new system, learn the plays. It’s the first day, everybody’s still so rusty.

ISAIAH THOMAS/SUNS POINT GUARD: It’s a copycat league so everybody runs the same type of stuff, just different calls. So the only thing I’m learning right now is just the names of the plays.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: With all the new talent learning the routines, Green says he just wants to be a support for his team.

ISAIAH THOMAS/SUNS POINT GUARD: I want to win, I want to win. I don’t care who plays, I don’t care if I play 30 minutes or six minutes. I just want to win, whoever is the best five out there that can help us win that’s who I want to play.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: The Phoenix Suns were just one game away from making the playoffs last season, but this year they’re hoping for a different outcome.