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Gubernatorial candidates spar on all fronts in first debate

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Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014

By Thuy Lan Nguyen


MEGAN GUTHRIE/CRONKITE NEWS: Last night saw the first gubernatorial debate with all four candidates. Cronkite News reporter Thuy Lan Nguyen was there to hear about what each brought to the table.

DOUG DUCEY/REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE: At least at my house the tooth fairy delivers a buck or two under my son’s pillows. At your house, they leave an IOU.

THUY LAN NGUYEN/CRONKITE NEWS: There was no lack of snarky comments from all of the gubernatorial candidates at the Arizona Clean Electionssponsored debate.

FRED DUVAL/DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: You’ve been succeeding in this process by tearing down your opponents and I think you should just stop it. You should stop it.

THUY LAN NGUYEN/CRONKITE NEWS: All four candidates addressed issues of school funding, Arizona’s economy and dark money. Ducey emphasized his business background when questioned about how he would balance the state budget.

DOUG DUCEY/REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE: I’m a businessperson, so I want to go through the budget line by line and dollar by dollar.

THUY LAN NGUYEN/CRONKITE NEWS: DuVal made it clear – the government’s payments to schools are a priority.

FRED DUVAL/DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: The voters were quite clear in their intention that we pay back these schools for the cuts that we took.

THUY LAN NGUYEN/CRONKITE NEWS: Mealer and Hess both introduced new ideas to generate money for the state.

JOHN MEALER/AMERICANS ELECT CANDIDATE: The hemp industry – we need to legalize hemp. That is not a smokeable plant.

BARRY HESS/LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE: So how do we raise this money? I’ve moved it to a transaction tax to be capped at 9.9 percent.

THUY LAN NGUYEN/CRONKITE NEWS: Releases from DuVal’s and Ducey’s campaigns both named each respective candidate as the winner of the debate. But the real winner will be decided this November when voters take to the polls.

MEGAN GUTHRIE/CRONKITE NEWS: The next Clean Elections debate will be tonight at 5:30 on Arizona PBS 8.1 between the two candidates for Attorney General – Felecia Rotellini and Mark Brnovich.