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ASU soccer’s Cali Farquharson named Pac-12 offensive player of the week

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Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014

By Lacey Darrow


ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: One Arizona State University soccer player focuses on more than just her glory. As Lacey Darrow reports, working together with her team is just as important.

LACEY DARROW/CRONKITE NEWS: Junior Cali Farquharson encourages her teammates as the ASU women’s soccer team practices. That’s just one of the things that makes her a standout on the field.

KEVIN BOYD/ HEAD SOCCER COACH: Most forwards have a selfish streak, and they should. She doesn’t really have that. She scores goals so that her team wins; she doesn’t score goals for her glory.

CALI FARQUHARSON/SOCCER PLAYER: One of my main focuses going into every game is how I’m going to be a better teammate rather than how am I going to score.

LACEY DARROW/CRONKITE NEWS: The team is currently on a six-game winning streak. Farquharson was named the Western States Conference player of the week because of her accomplishments in two of those. Five goals and one assist in ASU’s wins against New Mexico State and Nevada. But she wants to be even better.

CALI FARQUHARSON/SOCCER PLAYER: There are many aspects of my soccer that I would like to improve, especially my touch, I mean just everything – mentality going into games, aggressiveness.

KEVIN BOYD/ HEAD SOCCER COACH: She is doing what she does every season, she’s spectacular. She is a special soccer player. Anyone who gets the chance should come watch her. She is really good.

LACEY DARROW/CRONKITE NEWS: Although Cali is majoring in biological sciences with an emphasis in animal physiology, she said -

CALI FARQUHARSON/SOCCER PLAYER: I wanna play soccer as long as possible. That is my goal.

LACEY DARROW/CRONKITE NEWS: From Tempe, I’m Lacey Darrow, reporting for Cronkite News.