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App lets ASU students order up sustainability when ordering up meals

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Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014

By Tana Hughes


MEGAN THOMPSON/CRONKITE NEWS: Now, an Arizona State University graduate created a mobile app to encourage more sustainability on the campus.

TANA HUGHES/CRONKITE NEWS: The app not only cuts down on paper, it makes it easier to place your orders as well.

Perusing a paper menu may be a thing of the past. Instead you can now choose your meal and even place your order, all with your phone. ASU graduate Adam Bell created an app called Order-Up that’s helping to reduce paper waste on campus.

ADAM BELL/APP CREATOR: It is something that I am really interested in, business sustainability. And then once the opportunity presented itself to start Order-Up, or at the time which was Devil Menus, once that opportunity came up and we jumped into it you know, full force.

TANA HUGHES/CRONKITE NEWS: Waste reduction and efficiency were his main goals. As a former student at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Adam was aware of what a waste it was to supply menus to students who would just throw them away and wanted a simpler way to order take out.

Order-Up is currently partnered with over 30 restaurants on campus. And it’s not just convenient for customers, it’s better for businesses as well.

MATT SICKMAN/MANAGING PARTNER: So they go online and we’ll get an email through it and then we will receive the email and it’s usually a good deal that they have or just a normal order, whatever they’d like. And then they come in and we just confirm it 20 minutes later and it’s done. No phone call or anything needed.

TANA HUGHES/CRONKITE NEWS: While the plan for a green initiative continues to grow, so does the love for our mobile devices. Next time you order out consider putting down the paper and picking up your phone.

Bell says more restaurants are adding the service. He expects 10 more to sign up in the next month.