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Strikes against ISIS bring protesters to White House demanding nonviolence

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Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014

By Brittany Bade


BRITTANY BADE/CRONKITE NEWS: People from all over the United States came to the White House today to protest the air strikes going on in the Islamic state.

Now the people that were at the White House are all hoping for a peaceful resolution in the Middle East and they want President Obama to know that they do not like his violent air strikes.

WHITE HOUSE PROTESTER: Dropping bombs on helpless people – you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

BRITTANY BADE/CRONKITE NEWS: Pennsylvania Avenue, usually buzzing with tourists, looked different today.

MEDEA BENJAMIN/CODE PINK: We are here because the United States just started bombing Syria and we think that’s just another escalation of endless war in the Middle East.

BRITTANY BADE/CRONKITE NEWS: The protesters here sent a letter to the White House a month ago asking for a meeting with President Obama.

MAX OBUSZEWSKI/NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE: We’ve gotten no response and so that’s why we’re here today, to try and get this meeting because these issues are crucial.

BRITTANY BADE/CRONKITE NEWS: This is the letter the protesters tried to hand-deliver to President Obama, but when they were not allowed inside they improvised.

Some protesters laid at the front gates of the White House or in the streets, while others sang a song. But blocking the White House gates is against the law and when these protesters refused to move the Capitol Police stepped in to end to protest.

BRITTANY BADE/CRONKITE NEWS: Four people were arrested today, but according to other protesters they’re just the first of many and that’s because more than 250 other protests that are similar to what we saw here today are planned throughout the United States during the rest of the week. And that includes spots in Scottsdale and in the Tucson areas, but details for those are not yet available.