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Rainstorms bring challenges for South Mountain Park visitors, repair crews

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Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014

By Colton Krolak


KARI OSEP/CRONKITE NEWS: The Valley is still recovering from the storm this weekend, but one popular destination may take months to restore. Reporter Colton Krolak has the latest from South Mountain Park.

COLTON KROLAK/CRONKITE NEWS: Many of South Mountain’s roads were damaged during August’s rainstorms. Repairs were underway, but this weekend’s storm put crews back to square one.

HIKER: It’s pretty disappoining, and it sounds like it’s not going to be open for at least three months.

COLTON KROLAK/CRONKITE NEWS: Many people drive to South Mountain to enjoy the view from the summit. However, due to Saturday’s storm, they may have to wait a while.

ALLISON PACINI/PARK RANGER: The road is closed to, not only motorists and vehicles, but also bicyclists, runners, walkers, hikers. Pretty much anybody in the public.

COLTON KROLAK/CRONKITE NEWS: South Mountain is no stranger to road closures. In fact, crews were close to fixing the roads the last major storm damaged them more than a month ago. Now, all that work has been lost.

ALLISON PACINI/PARK RANGER: This is a destination for people to come, to bring their family members from out of town or people who live in the Valley to drive to the top to see the view.

COLTON KROLAK/CRONKITE NEWS: This Valley resident planned to do just that with her parents who are visiting from out of state. She says unfortunately, they’ll have to reschedule.

HIKER: It is pretty disappointing. I wish that we could have gotten to see that. We’re gonna have to wait until they can visit another time for them to see that.

COLTON KROLAK/CRONKITE NEWS: Almost all the trails are still available to hikers, however it might take a little bit longer to get to. Park officials are asking anybody who comes to hike be prepared and bring plenty of water.