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Phoenix Suns could make NBA history with this season’s roster

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Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014

By Elle Johns


MEGAN THOMPSON/CRONKITE NEWS: As the Diamondbacks’ dismal season has finally come to an end, there is a new ray of hope for Valley sports fans as the Phoenix Suns get ready to open training camp tomorrow in Flagstaff. Today, reporter Elle Johns discovered some excitement with the team’s new roster. Elle?

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: No matter their final record, the Phoenix Suns will make NBA history this season when they put two sets of brothers in uniform on opening day.

A team’s success often comes down to chemistry, and in the case of the Phoenix Suns, good DNA is more than just a figure of speech.

MARCUS MORRIS/PHOENIX SUNS PLAYER: See, they’re brothers, we’re twins, thats a little different.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: Suns fans enjoyed watching twins Marcus and Markieff Morris anticipate each other’s moves¬† last season.

MARCUS MORRIS/PHOENIX SUNS PLAYER: Since the day we picked up the basketball this has been our dream to play on the same NBA team. We did it in college, we did it in high school, and now the Suns made our dream come true.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: Not be outdone – star Goran Dragic is now joined by his brother Zoran.

ZORAN DRAGIC/PHOENIX SUNS PLAYER: That was my dream to play someday in the NBA, and I’m very thrilled.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: Not only does the team have new faces, but also big plans for the upcoming season.¬†Quiet during negotiations, Eric Bledsoe says he’s excited to be back on the court in a Suns uniform.

ERIC BLEDSOE/PHOENIX SUNS PLAYER: I wanted to be back here, I’m not a man of many words, but I did want to be back here.

JEFF HORNACEK/PHOENIX SUNS COACH: We feel with the guards we have on this team, and the way our big guys can run, that we should be one of those top three teams in pace.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: And Hornacek says that talent – plus little brotherly intuition- could lead to the playoffs in 2015.

JEFF HORNACEK/PHOENIX SUNS COACH:We have Marcus and Markieff out there, it’s like, obviously they’ve played together forever, so they know each other’s moves.

ELLE JOHNS/CRONKITE NEWS: Tomorrow, the Suns will be in Flagstaff for the start of training camp and Cronkite News will be there, too, to get a closer look as the team takes to the court for the first time.