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Phoenicians weigh in on the Scottish independence vote

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Friday, Sept. 19, 2014

By Michael Gordon


MICHAEL GORDON/CRONKITE NEWS: As he awaits the result of tomorrow’s independence referendum that will decide if Scotland succeeds from the United Kingdom, Michael Mcclanathan passes the time by doing what he does best: playing the pipes. And like many Scottish-American business owners, he owes much of his economic success to his partnership with that country.

MICHAEL MCCLANATHAN/BUSINESS OWNER: Scots are a hard-working people. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and do the job and the work. They just need the opportunity.

MICHAEL GORDON/CRONKITE NEWS: At Phoenix’s Irish Cultural Center, business owner Lori Cameron explains the economic benefits of Scottish independence.

LORI CAMERON/BUSINESS OWNER: Our products, our natural products we’ve done for years, the more product we can import to this country and then people here would love to have authentic Scottish products.

MICHAEL GORDON/CRONKITE NEWS: The debate over Scottish independence boils down to money. Those against it say that an independent Scottish economy would stuggle on its own. Those for it say that Scotland would finally be free of British trade regulations and restrictions allowing them to offer more merchandise and products to U.S. vendors. W.P. Carey School of Business research fellow Anthony Evans says that even under favorable economic conditions, Scotland’s economy would need time to stabilize following independence.

ANTHONY EVANS/W.P. CAREY RESEARCHER: The Scottish government’s agenda is to increase exports by 50 perecent by 2017. Is that doable? I don’t know, they’re gonna have a number of issues to resolve, currency being the big deciding factor. There are going to be short term challenges to Scotland post independence, definitely.

MICHAEL GORDON/CRONKITE NEWS: Despite the concerns, McClanathan thinks independence is inevitable and once it arrives, he knows just how he’ll celebrate.

MICHAEL MCCLANATHAN/BUSINESS OWNER: Would probably get out my pipes and play and have a shot of scotch and that sort of thing.