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Johnson: Border more secure, but it’s not ‘mission accomplished’ time yet

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the number of people apprehended at the border is "down considerably" from 2014, a sign that border security investments are working. He said a 28 percent drop on the Southwest border included a 32 percent drop in Arizona.

Audit: ICE could save millions by filling seats on detainee flights

The report said Immigration and Customs Enforcement "met its mission" by transporting 930,435 detainees under the flights operation known as ICE Air, but that it done so more efficiently. Simply filling every seat on those flights could have saved up to $41.1 million, it said.

Facing popularity issues, baseball joins 21st century with pace of play rules

As baseball continues to count its birthdays, so do its fans. In hopes of drawing in a younger audience, the new commissioner is taking steps to quicken the pace of play. Watch video

Payson holds town hall meeting to combat heroin use

A town meeting gave many Payson families a starting point, connecting them with a panel of health service members to educate and provide help to heroin addicts and their families. Both health professionals and recovering addicts stressed that nothing is more important than family support. Watch video

University of Arizona scientists research valley fever vaccine

Valley fever is a potentially debilitating disease that affects Arizonans more than anywhere else in the country. But it could be eradicated if University of Arizona scientists get funding and succeed in creating a vaccine. Watch video

Lawmakers balk at White House program reuniting Central American families

The program aims to stop a repeat of last summer, when unaccompanied minors showed up at the Southwest border after dangerous treks from Central American homes to rejoin parents in the U.S. But senators worried it could further weaken immigration standards.

Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi visits Valley school to promote literacy

 Watch video

Desoto Central Market embraces culture of downtown Phoenix

Roosevelt Row is now the home to Desoto Central Market, offering fresh produce, a bar and a hamburger restaurant. Watch video

Large percentage not seeking DACA renewal stumps experts, advocates

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National monument to Korean War veterans marks its 20th year

Sitting near the iconic Lincoln Memorial and the hugely popular World War II and Vietnam Veterans memorials, the Korean War Veterans Memorial is the sometimes overlooked memorial to what has been called the forgotten war. But the memorial, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer, remains special to those veterans who fought in that conflict, including some Arizona veterans who visited recently. Watch video

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