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Ophthalmologists see red over bill to expand optometrists’ drug authority

Ophthalmologists are seeing red over a bill that would expand the ability of Arizona optometrists, who aren't medical doctors, to prescribe medications.

Officials in Mexico, U.S. collaborate on flood to boost Colorado River’s delta

The experiment stems from an agreement that allows Mexico to store water in U.S. reservoirs on the condition that some of its Colorado River allotment be saved and used to stimulate the environment. Watch video

New technology allows doctors to be in two places at once

For health care, Telehealth is the next best thing to being there. The technology lets doctors "visit" patients from a distance and give virtual checkups and diagnoses. Doctors and patients see it as a breakthrough for those with limited access to quality care. Watch video

Wells around Arizona may be drawing water at ‘unsustainable’ rates

State officials regularly monitor hundreds of water wells in five "active management areas" in the state. But those areas cover just part of the state, and experts worry that wells outside those areas, public and private, are drawing water from the aquifer at unsustainable rates. Watch video

International exports seen as key to Arizona’s economic future

Arizona’s exports of merchandise to Mexico totaled $19.4 billion in 2013. That makes Arizona the nation’s fifth-largest exporter to Mexico, trailing only Texas, California, Michigan and Illinois. Officials and advocates say increasing foreign trade would boost the state's economy.

Dogs winding up at vets’ offices after gobbling up marijuana edibles

With medical marijuana legal in Arizona, animal emergency rooms are seeing more dogs that have eaten marijuana in brownies, cookies, oils and other forms. Watch video

Just what the doctor ordered: Hospital shows off organic farm

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America held a farmers market in the Valley to showcase the fresh produce that it grows at an organic farm next door and serves to its patients. Green bags filled with food went for a song, but for patients it means much more. Watch video

Governor signs measure aiming to combat human trafficking in Arizona

The help that Gov. Jan Brewer promised victims of human trafficking in her State of the State address has become law. She signed a bill that increases penalties for prostituting a child and establishes being a victim of sex trafficking as a defense in prostitution cases.

Water issues in Arizona may be approaching faster than expected

Water is one of the few topics that consistently stays bipartisan in both the state House and the Senate, and Democrats and Republicans alike say they realize that Arizona's finite water supply coupled with anticipated growth creates a need to take action. Watch video

Minimum wage protest group stops in Phoenix

While the costs of health care, education and fuel have risen in the past five years, the minimum wage has not. A group traveling across the country to protest that fact stopped in Phoenix. Watch video

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