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The journey home: Tribal officials discuss importance of repatriation

Joseph Joaquin, a cultural resource specialist for the Tohono O'odham Nation, said human remains and sacred objects taken from tribal graves "don't belong stashed in some shelf in a museum or a university.... They belong here." He has worked for return of such objects. Watch video

For museums, sifting decades of artifacts is painstaking, but vital, work

It's slow going as the Arizona State Museum sifts through decades of its collections to figure out which items are sacred and which human remains should be returned to tribes. But it's important, officials say. “These were people," said one worker at the museum.

Tribes say law requiring return of remains, relics, hasn’t met promise

Tribes had hoped the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act would bring the return of sacred items and human remains from museums. But 25 years later, more than 70 percent of tribal remains haven't been turned over. Critics say the law is falling short.

Vaccine injury fund tops $3.5 billion, as patients fight for payment

A federal fund to compensate people injured by a vaccine has grown to $3.5 billion, as people face what advocates call "knock-down, drag-out fighting" over their claims. The fund, supported by a tax on every dose of vaccine given in the U.S., protects vaccine makers from lawsuits.

Critics say vaccine injury fund has strayed from original purpose

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was meant as an "expedited, less-traumatic, less-expensive alternative" to lawsuits against manufacturers by the small number of people harmed by vaccines. But critics say it no longer lives up to the "spirit and intent of Congress."

Has the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement made it impossible to talk about vaccines?

Advocates for the small number of patients injured by vaccines each year want people to know: They're not anti-vaccine. But they say public backlash against "anti-vaxxers" makes it hard to have an jhonest conversation about the real risks associated with vaccines.

Parent fights unsuccessfully for more than ‘blood money’ in child’s death

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program worked for Erin Holmes, quickly awarding her $250,000 after her son's 2002 death was linked to vaccinations. But she didn't want the money, and when the “angry parent” tried to sue the vaccine maker she learned she couldn't.

Grand Canyon at confluence of popularity, money and conservation

With millions visiting the Grand Canyon each year, the natural wonder has become the focus of two proposed developments. One would create a tramway from the rim on the Navajo Nation. Another would add hundreds of homes just south of the national park.

Correction to April 28 story on Rocky Point cruise ship plans

Not just the Ivies: Students send AP scores to community colleges

Students taking Advanced Placement exams this week have a lot on their minds – including, maybe, community college. Of Arizona students who take AP tests, 4 to 5 percent regularly have scores sent to community colleges in the state. Watch video

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