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Social-themed website aims to create links between businesses in Arizona, Canada, Mexico

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Shop owners: Tempe ban on e-cigs in public spaces not hurting business

In August, Tempe became the first city in Arizona to pass an ordinance restricting the use of e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, in enclosed public areas including restaurants and bars. Despite the new limitations, shop owners say the city's e-cig industry isn’t slowing down.

Many Arizona national parks trying to address drops in visitors over decades

Of the 20 national parks, monuments, recreation areas and trading posts in Arizona with visitation data on the National Park Service website, 15 saw fewer visitors in 2013 than they did in 1990. Watch video

Share your insight: Why aren’t you voting in this election?

Cronkite News is looking for voters who have decided not to participate this year. Have voted all your life but this election has pushed you over the edge? Is there another reason you're sitting out? If you have considered or are considering not voting, we'd like to hear why.

Kolbe ‘astonished’ by pace of change in same-sex marriage debate

Almost 20 years after he came out as the first gay Republican in Congress, former Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe said he has been "astonished" by the pace of change in same-sex marriage laws. A judge Friday struck down Arizona's ban on such unions. Watch video

Poverty in some historically poor counties has worsened since 2012

Arizona ranked eighth overall for the percentage of people living in poverty in 2013 and 11th for the poverty rate among children , according to the Census Bureau, and some counties with traditionally high poverty saw their rates worsen from 2012 to 2013. Watch video

Maricopa using fogging to cut mosquito population and West Nile risk

With mosquito complaints in Maricopa County at an all-time high, environmental officials have turned to a technique called "fogging" that targets areas where the virus been found. County officials say that while it's deadly to mosquitoes, fogging is safe for people and pets. Watch video

Portable ‘clean machine’ brings shower, laundromat to homeless

The minds behind the Chandler Clean Machine knew the city's homeless often can't take care of their hygiene needs. So they found a way to bring the bathroom and laundry room out of the house by converting a trailer and taking those services to the homeless. Watch video

Cardinals rookie kicker exceeds expectations with record-tying start

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said he had confidence in kicker Chandler Catanzaro when he chose him over veteran Jay Feely back in August. But the rookie has surpassed his expectations. That includes tying a rookie record for consecutive field goals. Watch video

‘Battle of the Belt’ challenge makes buckling up a fun game for students

Battle of the Belt is a competition between high schools to encourage the use of safety belts among students. This year, AAA teamed up with two Tucson high schools for the challenge. Watch video

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