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Correction to Cronkite News story on ticket scalping

Credit union makes tax day less taxing for elderly, disabled, veterans

Landings Credit Union in Tempe provides free services to low-income residents such as the elderly, the disabled and veterans. The CEO hopes the services provided by student volunteers will help those who are strapped for cash maximize and keep their tax refunds. Watch video

Jump in fatal train accidents during 2013 prompts national safety campaign

A nationwide spike in fatal train accidents involving trespassers and motorists in 2013 has prompted a national safety campaign urging people to think trains when they see tracks. The state coordinator for Operation Lifesaver says tracks near universities are a focus.

From sink to garden: Gray water systems catching on in Tucson

Since 2008, Tucson has required plumbing in new homes to allow homeowners to set up gray water systems to reuse water from bathroom sinks, showers and tubs as well as washing machines to water plants and lawns. But the systems have yet to catch on in the Valley.

Coltin Gerhart follows brothers’ path in football, blazes his own in baseball

Sports run in Coltin Gerhart's blood: Two older brothers have played in the NFL and one, Garth, was a standout lineman at Arizona State University. But high school senior Coltin has done them one better, committing to ASU for both the football and baseball teams. Watch video

Foreclosure rates dwindle, a good sign for businesses

Five years ago Phoenix had the second-highest rate of foreclosures in the nation, but now it's 17th. Experts say that's an indication of economic recovery. Watch video

Private elder care homes soothe both bodies and souls

Smaller, privately owned elder care homes are popping up around the Valley and making a big impact on the retired community. The intimate environment means each resident gets personalized care and helps the business evolve into a tight-knit family. Watch video

IRS, citing high error rate, calls for greater oversight of tax preparers

A report that found paid tax preparers were more likely to make errors than people who did their taxes themselves, prompted calls from the IRS for greater oversight of storefront tax firms. Those firms are less regulated than hair dressers in most states, including Arizona. Watch video

Organizer ready to try again to create top-two primary system

With independents now Arizona's largest voting bloc, former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson says he'll push again to establish primary elections that have the top two vote-getters advancing regardless of party. He says the change would boost participation.

Arizona’s long-term water future: Is the state ready to make hard decisions?

Residents of the Sun Corridor stretching through the Valley and Tucson turn on faucets, water lawns and fill swimming pools without any doubt that the state's most precious resource will be there. But are Arizonans ready for the conversations required to keep water flowing?

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