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  1. D’backs give back, and inspire some young athletes in the process February 28, 2014NewsWatch Story
  2. Voting Rights Act changes would keep Arizona free of federal ‘pre-clearance’

    WASHINGTON – The rewrite of the Voting Rights Act currently being debated in Congress would free Arizona from nearly 50 years of strict federal oversight to changes in its voting laws. The rewrite comes after the Supreme Court last summer struck a key provision of the 1965 act that required some or all of 15 [...]

    February 28, 2014Uncategorized
  3. Bar none: Two Arizona women fight to help lawyers in military families

    WASHINGTON – Born and raised in Arizona, fresh out of law school and married, Rachel Winkler said she didn’t worry at first about the rigors of having a spouse in the military. Until her married life crossed paths with her life as a lawyer. Passing the bar is tough enough, but lawyers in military families [...]

    February 28, 2014Uncategorized
  4. Appeals court upholds convictions in separate child sex abuse cases

    WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court Thursday rejected claims by two sex offenders that their rights to a public trial were violated when courtrooms were closed so the children they were accused of abusing could testify. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said lower courts were within their rights to [...]

    February 27, 2014Uncategorized
  5. University presidents pitch lawmakers on value of research

    PHOENIX – Investing in research infrastructure at Arizona’s public universities is essential for the state to be competitive, Arizona State President Michael M. Crow told lawmakers Wednesday. “The thing that we do is that we have the ability to produce people, ideas and stuff,” Crow said before the House Committee on Higher Education and Workforce [...]

    February 26, 2014Uncategorized
  6. EPA announces plans to accelerate Goodyear toxic waste dump cleanup efforts February 26, 2014NewsWatch Story
  7. Invisible disabilities: How some handicap spot users may not be faking February 26, 2014NewsWatch Story
  8. Arizona educators praise early-childhood program for Native Americans

    WASHINGTON – Arizona educators Wednesday praised a Bureau of Indian Education program that gets Native American parents actively engaged in the education of their children from birth until kindergarten. Arizona has eight of the nation’s 43 Family and Child Education, or FACE sites, which assist tribal families in home-based, early childhood and adult education, and [...]

    February 26, 2014Uncategorized
  9. Brewer vetoes SB 1062, citing potential for unintended consequences

    PHOENIX – Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062 on Wednesday, saying the measure that was touted as supporting religious liberty was broadly worded and could lead to “unintended and negative consequences.” “I sincerely believe that Senate Bill 1062 has the potential to create more problems than it purports to solve,” Brewer said at a news [...]

    February 26, 2014Front Page 1
  10. Beyond its exhibits, Phoenix Zoo works to restore species

    PHOENIX – To visitors, the Phoenix Zoo’s herd of Arabian oryx may constitute another stop on the tour, a chance to view animals featuring long horns and coarse, mostly white coats making them resemble tall goats. To conservationists, the herd represents a successful breeding program, Operation Oryx, that released more than 100 back into the [...]

    February 26, 2014Front Page 3
  11. After dry winter, Arizona’s famous wildflower blooms may be busts

    PHOENIX – The annual spring explosion of yellow, purple and blue wildflowers in the Arizona desert may be lackluster this year because of the dry winter. That’s bad news not just for wildflower aficionados but for communities that rely on blooms that bring people to places like Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior. “Photographers plan trips [...]

    February 26, 2014Front Page 2, Uncategorized
  12. Latino caucus members join fight urging a veto of SB 1062 February 26, 2014NewsWatch Story
  13. Printer encouraging businesses to take on SB 1062 through signs

    PHOENIX – Scott Koehler’s feelings on SB 1062 are no secret to those passing his printing business on North Central Avenue. “Governor Brewer Veto SB 1062 / Bad For Business Bad for Arizona,” reads a banner covering much of the north side of FastSigns on Central. Now he’s helping other businesses chime in, producing more [...]

    February 25, 2014Front Page 2
  14. Moving toward merger, American joins US Airways at Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4

    PHOENIX – In another step toward their merger, American Airlines is joining US Airways in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal 4. The change moves American out of its longtime Sky Harbor home in Terminal 3. “The timing is good with American Airlines vacating the three or four gates that they use in Terminal 3 [...]

    February 25, 2014Uncategorized
  15. Inside SB 1062: Does it address a gap in state law?

    PHOENIX – While partisans debate whether SB 1062 would protect religious freedom or sanction discrimination against gays and other minority communities, a simple question remains: Does the bill fill a gap in Arizona law? SB 1062 is billed as a defense of religious freedom, ensuring that people wouldn’t have to do things that are against [...]

    February 25, 2014Uncategorized
  16. Lawmaker pushes to replace ‘handicapped,’ ‘disabled’ in state laws

    TEMPE – Juliet Martinez has been using a wheelchair since age 8, after she received an overdose of chemotherapy drugs. But she doesn’t consider herself handicapped or disabled. As Ms. Wheelchair Arizona 2014, Martinez wants to correct misperceptions among those who are able-bodied about what people with disabilities can do. That includes changing the use [...]

    February 25, 2014Front Page 3
  17. Arizona predicted to have nation’s second-fastest job growth in 2014

    WASHINGTON – Arizona is expected to post the second-highest rate of job growth among states in 2014, trailing only booming North Dakota, according to a recent report. The U.S. Regional Outlook 2014 by Moody’s Analytics predicts Arizona will see a 3.1 percent increase in jobs this year, compared to a national average of just under [...]

    February 25, 2014Uncategorized
  18. As Brewer considers SB 1062, groups make their case at Capitol, elsewhere

    PHOENIX – Michael Salman’s opinion may not have been the most popular among those gathered Tuesday outside the State Capitol, but it was one he wanted heard. To him, SB 1062, which Democrats, business leaders, civil rights groups and the state’s Republican U.S. senators say deserves a veto, is needed to protect religious freedom in [...]

    February 25, 2014Front Page 1
  19. Advocates, lawmaker push for more transparency on state tax credits

    PHOENIX – Arizonans deserve a better accounting of what they get in return for in state tax credits given each year to companies, a public interest advocate says. “We want to make sure this money is a good use of taxpayer dollars,” said Serena Unrein with the Arizona Public Interest Research Group. “We have very [...]

    February 25, 2014Uncategorized
  20. Pentagon to cut A-10 jets, a Davis-Monthan Air Force Base mainstay

    WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Monday that the Pentagon will retire the A-10 Thunderbolt fighter jet, a fixture of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson for decades. Hagel called the decision to retire the A-10 was “a close call,” but said it was necessary as part of a sweeping series of cuts [...]

    February 24, 2014Uncategorized
  21. Campaign seeks to boost Latino coverage under Affordable Care Act

    PHOENIX – Millions of uninsured Latinos would benefit from the Affordable Care Act, but many incorrectly assume that coverage is too expensive or that enrolling would put relatives in the country illegally at risk for deportation, a White House official said Monday. “Latinos are more likely to be uninsured but can also benefit most,” Cecilia [...]

    February 24, 2014Uncategorized
  22. Season’s dominant flu strain especially harmful to young people

    PHOENIX – When Jamie Ison got a fever in early January, he didn’t expect that he’d end up in intensive care. But within three days, he was diagnosed with H1N1, and his body was failing fast. “It was scary to see how fast he was crashing to the ground,” said Krissy Ison, Jamie’s wife. “We [...]

    February 24, 2014Front Page 3
  23. Economic arguments against religious-freedom bill point to immigration law

    PHOENIX – With business leaders calling on Gov. Jan Brewer to veto religious-freedom legislation that opponents say would sanction discrimination against gays, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said Monday that fallout from SB 1070 may serve as a guide. “We don’t want any more self-inflicted wounds,” he said. Stanton said SB 1062, narrowly approved last week [...]

    February 24, 2014Front Page 1
  24. Arizona Supreme Court decision upheld in 1993 Phoenix murder case

    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court turned down an appeal Monday of an Arizona death-penalty case in which an autopsy report was entered as evidence without the medical examiner who wrote it. Attorneys for Efren Medina argued that the inability to cross-examine the medical examiner violated his Sixth Amendment right to confront his accusers in the [...]

    February 24, 2014Uncategorized
  25. Official details CPS flaws leaving thousands of cases in limbo

    PHOENIX – Illegal actions by supervisors, overloaded caseworkers and flawed procedures for handling reports of abuse led to thousands of cases going uninvestigated by Child Protective Services, an official told lawmakers Monday. “We failed these families and these children, and we did it because we wanted to hide workload, and that’s just unacceptable,” said Charles [...]

    February 24, 2014Front Page 2