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Reporting from London: On the ground at the 2012 Olympic Games

Bryant reunited with Italian legend D’Antoni

Former Phoenix Suns Coach Mike D’Antoni is working with some familiar faces as an assistant coach of Team USA: Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony. By Megan Stewart –– Video Story By Austin Controulis

Where’s the spotlight on Women’s hoops?

The U.S. Women’s Basketball team is on the verge of another gold medal, so Cronkite News reporter Fahim Rasul tries to figure out why the team isn’t getting the kind of attention some insist they deserve. By Megan Stewart –– Video Story By Fahim Rasul

Iguodala: Olympics a lifelong dream

The former Wildcat talks with Cronkite News about his trade to Denver, Arizona roots and being on Team USA with ASU’s James Harden. By Cailyn Bradley

Goodbye London, hello Rio

The mayors of Rio De Janeiro and London held a joint news conference to discuss the passing of the Olympic torch. As the London Games wrap up, the spotlight moves to Brazil, which will host the 2016 Olympics. By Nathan Humpherys

Former Wildcat swims for South Africa

This year marked a return to the Olympics for former Arizona Wildcat Darian Townsend, who battled sickness and injury to compete. Cronkite News reporter Tiana Chavez discovered what motivates this world-class swimmer. By Tiana Chavez

LONDON SCENE: Olympics spawn pride

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report, the Olympics and national pride. By Cailyn Bradley

Restaurant a haven for Team Mexico fans

Fans supporting Mexico have gathered these past two weeks at a place that looks more like it belongs in Arizona than London. The Mestizo Restaurant and Tequila Bar brings Mexican food, drink and atmosphere to the United Kingdom. By Julie Levin

Free events give relief from ticket woes

While the London Olympics are being hailed as a huge success, one of the few controversies surrounded ticket availability. Cronkite News discovered the handful of free events remain popular well into the final days of the 2012 games. By Fahim Rasul

Former ASU Olympian leads USA wrestling

He may only be 5’4 and 115 pounds but Zeke Jones could probably beat most people in a fight. Cronkite News caught up with the former Sun Devil and Olympian, who now leads the U.S. team. By Kristin Coururier –– Video Story By Austin Controulis

National houses a ‘home away from home’

National houses serve as a headquarters for the various Olympic teams and their fans, providing a touch of home in London. Cronkite News discovered that some houses are more popular than others. Story By Jannah Din

Olympians thank moms, raise money

Working with Proctor and Gamble, athletes have helped raise $5 million to enhance youth sports programs. The company says it will add an additional $25 million to be focused on youth sports development. By Hayden Harrison

Arizona high jumper feeling Olympic spirit

When one University of Arizona Olympian not only qualified for the finals on Thursday, but she already is enjoying a pretty wide fan base. By Amber Harding

Games create lasting legacy for London

Because of the Olympic Games, parts of East London have been renovated, bringing new life to tired areas. Transportation, infrastructure and communications projects have created new jobs and business opportunities. By Donyelle Kesler

LONDON SCENE: Golf’s roots

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report: St. Andrews golf course. By Pete Wilson

London’s West End is no Broadway

The shows may have the same, familiar names, but when you come to London you’ll discover the many differences between Broadway and the West End. By Tiana Chavez

Women Olympians pay tribute to Title IX

Title IX became an amendment that guaranteed female student-athletes the same benefits as male student-athletes. Now, 40 percent of this year’s Olympians are female. By Nathan Humpherys –– Video Story By Amber Harding

British medal shines spotlight on Judo

The Olympics often help bring attention to an otherwise obscure sport. Cronkite News reporter Lisa Blanco discovered in London, more fans are discovering judo than every before. Video Story By Lisa Blanco

Olympic fans served High Tea

The InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel was built on the site of Queen Elizabeth’s childhood home. The hotel’s High Tea allows visitors to sample food fit for royalty. By Julie Levin

LONDON SCENE: Animal athletes

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report, the London Zoo. By Hayden Harrison

Exhibit shows history, spirit of Olympics

‘The Olympic Journey: The Story of the Games’ exhibit at the Royal Opera House gives a complete history of the games, from 776 B.C. to the present. Medals, Olympic torches, and other artifacts are on display. By Donyelle Kesler –– Video Story By Cailyn Bradley

Phoenix legend finishes Olympic gig

Phoenix resident and former Brophy Prep swim coach Dennis Pursley has just wrapped up a stint as head coach of the British swim team. He has also coached Olympic swim teams for the U.S. and Australia. By Pete Wilson

Munich memorial honors ’72 victims

British Prime Minister David Cameron joined members of the Jewish Volunteer Network and other Jewish leaders at a ceremony honoring the 11 victims of the terror attack during the 1972 Munich Olympics. By Julie Levin –– Video Story By Blake Wilson

Olympic wrestler has fond memories of ASU

Watch USA wrestling closely this week, and you might just spot a little maroon and gold. Cronkite News caught up with one Olympian who stood out from the rest of the men’s team during her time at ASU. Video Story By Austin Controulis

Golf a centuries old tradition in the U.K.

Golf will return to the Olympics in 2016, but in St. Andrews, enthusiasts insist it’s four years too late. Reporter Pete Wilson travels to the birthplace of golf to find out why some insist this was the year bring back the sport to the Olympics. Video Story By Pete Wilson

London Bobbies mix service with courtesy

Security in London is tight, but that doesn’t mean officers are unfriendly. Cronkite News discovered London Bobbies are happy to help you make the most of your Olympic experience. By Lisa Blanco

Harden realizes dreams on the world stage

Fresh off a victory over Argentina, the U.S. men’s basketball team was back at practice today getting ready for Australia. Cronkite News spends some time with ASU’s James Harden. By Cailyn Bradley –– Video Story By Tiana Chavez

Silver swimmer’s cause hits close to home

U.S. Olympic medalist Cullen Jones nearly drowned as a child. Today he’s one of the world’s best swimmers, and is using his status to encourage more kids to learn how to swim. By Kristin Couturier –– Video Story By Amber Harding

LONDON SCENE: Guitarist hits Olympic chord

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report, a visit to a unique London guitar shop. By Nathan Humpherys

London dialects confusing for Yanks

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report, a visit to a unique London guitar shop. . By Blake Wilson

Phelps begins post-Olympic life

The most decorated Olympian of all time says he looks forward to having time for the simple pleasures of life, like golfing and going to the beach. By Corie Stark –– Video Story by Julie Levin

Martori-Wickey inspires young wrestlers

Kim Martori-Wickey, daughter of legendary Olympic wrestler Arthur Matori, leads what has become the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club in Scottsdale – one of the most successful in the U.S. at producing Olympians. By Kristin Couturier

Olympic race walkers take to London streets

With all the controversy over empty seats and difficulty to access tickets, thousands turned out for one of the free events on the streets of London. Video Story By Amber Harding

UConn fans cheer on Taurasi, team

Six members of the women’s Olympic basketball came from University of Connecticut, including Phoenix Mercury powerhouse Diana Taurasi. UConn alumni and supporters gathered in London to celebrate. By Megan Stewart

Remembering the 1948 ‘Austerity Games’

London last hosted the Olympics in 1948, dubbed “the austerity games” as the world struggled to emerge from the rubble of WWII. Two athletes who competed on the basketball court decades ago are reunited in London. By Julie Levin –– Video Story By Blake Wilson

London live sites bring the Olympics to fans

The city of London has set up big screens in various locations around the city for those who cannot find – or afford – tickets to Olympic events. By Donyelle Kesler

Collectors flock to Olympic Games

Pin trading has been growing with each Olympics, and now some have arrived in London with tens-of-thousands of pins in their personal collections. Video Story By Fahim Rasul

Olympic Dreams shattered for baseball player

One player thought he’d be helping lead his country’s Olympic baseball team, but his hopes were dashed when the IOC dropped the sport. By Megan Stewart –– Video Story By Austin Controulis

British baseball a shadow of U.S. counterpart

There are 50 adult baseball clubs across Britain, but they are a far cry from the teams that play in America. Here, the fields look more like U.S. little league parks, with players supplying much of their own equipment. By Corie Stark

Boris Becker talks Wimbledon, Olympics

Becker spoke with reporters about his role as a tourism ambassador for the U.K. Becker hasn’t played much tennis lately, but says watching the Olympics with his children helps him relive the days when he was an Olympic medalist. By Nathan Humpherys

Wildcat Moline hurdles any condition

Olympic hurdler Georganne Moline says she is feeling good on the eve of her first Olympic race. The University of Arizona psychology major and Phoenix native will race in the 400-meter hurdles. By Hayden Harrison

American sports gear common in London

Walk the streets of London and you’ll see all of America’s pro sports teams on display. But Cronkite News reporter Austin Controulis discovered that’s no guarantee these fans know anything about the games. Video Story By Austin Controulis

ASU grad Jackson a force in USA Volleyball

USA Volleyball assistant coach Chris Jackson is an ASU grad, and once coached at Grand Canyon University. Now the Valley man has had to leave his family behind to hit the road as coach of USA Volleyball. Video Story By Pete Wilson

London landmark defines Arizona city

One of the most famous landmarks of London rests in Lake Havasu City. The bridge was sold in the late 1960′s and became the centerpiece of a planned community along the Colorado River. By Megan Stewart

Two Arizonans bolster U.S. shot put team

One sport where the United States is expected to excel is in the shot put. A pair of Arizonans say they intend to help lead both the men and women to gold. By Blake Wilson

Olympics dissapoint some small businesses

Investing in the Olympics means a huge economic boost for the host city –– at least that’s what politicians say. But some London businesses insist there they’re seeing little green from this effort to bring home the gold. Video Story By Cailyn Bradley

Buskers add sound to London’s Underground

When you go to London tourist attractions like Westminster, Trafalgar Square or Tower Bridge, there’s still something missing in the air — but not so in the city’s Underground. Cronkite News introduce us to a London “busker.” Video Story By Austin Controulis

Olympic fans ‘Have-a-Go’ at sports

With tickets to the Olympic Games hard to come by, many fans are finding alternative ways to stay in the action. It’s called ‘Have A Go Sports.’ By Donyelle Kesler –– Video Story by Lisa Blanco

International Inspiration stays true to vision

The non-profit organization helps children in developing countries participate in sporting activities. The group says it is working to help 12 million children around the world. By Corie Stark

Historic London tour adds Olympic Park

Blue Badge tourist guides have been showing tourists around the city since 1950. But since London won its bid for the Olympics in 2005, stops have been added, including Olympic Park. By Julie Levin

Steeplechaser in hunt for medal, deer

ASU grad and Mesa resident Kyle Acorn says he plans to go deer hunting in Arizona next month. The same skills he uses in hunting will come in handy as he competes in the Olympic steeplechase Friday. By Hayden Harrison

London takes care of ticketless fans

Not everyone can afford tickets to Olympic events, so London has set up live viewing sites throughout the city. As it turns out the sites are also providing an opportunity for fans to go sight-seeing. By Amber Harding

House of Nations hosts smaller teams

The House of Nations is a large pop-up tent housed inside the moat of the historic Tower of London. The luxury tent provides space for nations with smaller teams that don’t have their own venues. By Kristin Couturier

NAU grad ready for shot put challenge

Amin Nickfar says his move to Flagstaff before the Beijing Olympics proved important to his success. While he fouled out in Beijing, he says he learned from the experience and is looking forward to competing in London. By Lisa Blanco

Runner Amy Hastings grateful for fans

The former Sun Devil says the backing of her fans holds her accountable, and gives her a desire to succeed in order to make her fans proud. Hastings is competing in her first Olympic Games. By Hayden Harrison

Valley hurdler ready for Olympic chance

She grew up in Phoenix and runs track for Arizona. Cronkite News catches up with Olympian hurdler Georgeanne Moline after her first practice in London. Video Story By Pete Wilson

London tavern keeps patrons frosty

London is known for its rain, but in the heart of the city there’s a place becoming popular for its ice – huge blocks of finely carved ice. Video Story By Fahim Rasul

Olympic village the place to spot athletes

Fans have discovered a unique spot between the Olympic Village and Olympic Park. Reminiscent of spring training the Valley, fans camp out in hopes of getting an autograph or picture with some of the world’s greatest athletes. By Tiana Chavez

Englishman compares U.S. to Wild West

The U.K. has much different gun control laws than the United States. A British man who recently returned from studying in Arizona for a year says he prefers the laws in the U.K.. By Megan Stewart

Garden spot offers unique Olympic souvenirs

Besides the excellent view of the Thames River, London’s Hatton Garden has become a center for handmade items such as unique jewelry. By Corie Stark

Valley athlete leads U.S. Volleyball team

Mountain Pointe High School alum Reid Priddy was a member of the 2008 gold medal U.S. volleyball team. Now as captain he looks to lead his squad to repeat in 2012. Priddy talks about the quest, and how he got his start in the Valley. Video Story By Fahim Rasul

U.K. banking on success of Olympics

Banking on the Games: Great Britain has invested billions on the games, and despite empty seats and grumbling from local merchants, economic leaders here insist after this herculean effort the country will emerge economically stronger.By Blake Wilson

LONDON SCENE: Exploring Jewish London

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report, Julie Levin tells us about Jewish London. Julie Levin

Quidditch fans push for Olympic status

The sport of quidditch was born in the Harry Potter novels. But the game in which players fly around on broomsticks and score points using a variety of balls and hoops might one day become an Olympic sport. By Corie Stark

LONDON SCENE: Borough Market

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report, Corie Stark visits the Borough Market. By Corie Stark

Empty seats sour would-be Olympic fans

Viewers in the U.S. have undoubtedly noticed the thousands of empty seats at Olympic venues. So why are there no tickets available for those here in London ready to buy? Cronkite News Reporter Peter Wilson dissects the first big “row” of the 2012 Olympics. By Pete Wilson

Colangelo against age limit for Team USA

Is the dream team concept in jeopardy? Former Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo and former ASU star James Harden talk about the future of Team USA basketball, as players prepare for Tuesday night’s game against Tunisia. By Kristin Couturier

Fans stake out Olympic Village for athletes

Autograph seekers and fans have gathered at the entrance to the Olympic village hoping to find an athlete willing to give a signature. This is the closest most fans can get to experiencing the Olympics. Pricey tickets are required to enter the Village. By Hayden Harrison

Free speech alive and well in Hyde Park

The Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park is a place where people are free to talk – or even shout – about whatever they want. The Olympics bring renewed attention to this centuries-old London tradition. By Nathan Humpherys –– Video Story By Cailyn Bradley

LONDON SCENE: stumbling onto cycling race

In addition to covering athletes and events at the Summer Olympics, Cronkite News Service reporters are offering occasional observations about their experiences. In this report Nathan Humpherys comes upon a bike race near Hyde Park. By Nathan Humpherys

Olympic Village transforms area

Londoners are taking great pride in the development of the Olympic Village, which was been built atop a decaying industrial area. Cronkite News talks to one of the key designers of this environmentally-sensitive project. By Fahim Rasul

Hidden seaside gem hosts Olympic sailing

Southwest of London, the port city of Weymouth has seen a host of new development thanks to the Olympics. But sailing remains the key attraction. By Julie Levin –– Video Story by Blake Wilson

Former UA star Iguodala enjoys London

Andre Iguadola says he’s enjoying hanging out with his U.S. teammates, but he’s watching his money. The former University of Arizona standout told reporters he saw a suspicious character standing outside an ATM, so he avoided the machine. By Megan Stewart

Last-minute Olympic trip pays off for couple

For most, planning a visit to the Olympics requires months of planning. But one Arizona couple made a snap decision to head across the pond and it paid off when they met a global superstar within hours of arrival. Video Story By Lisa Blanco

Taurasi leads U.S. team to first victory

Phoenix Mercury star and three-time Olympian Diana Taurasi spent time practicing Sunday, after the U.S. team defeated Croatia Saturday night. Taurasi says she also plans to enjoy her first trip to London. By Donyelle Kesler –– Video Story by Amber Harding

LONDON SCENE: Quirky Camden Town

In addition to coverage of the people and events of the London Olympics, Cronkite News reporters will occasionally offer observations of their experiences. Here, Hayden Harrison takes a trip to London’s Camden Town district, which is known for its unique buildings and residents. By Hayden Harrison

British Museum displays Olympic medals

The British Museum is giving Olympic fans a rare opportunity to see Olympic medals up close. The “Mine to Medal” display is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad in the UK. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic medals are on display. By Kristin Couturier

Tucson dancers perform for Olympic crowds

Two Baile Folklorico groups from Tucson, Arizona were selected to perform in London Saturday for an event to kick off the Olympics. Cronkite News caught up with the dancers who brought a bit of Arizona to London. Video Story By Lisa Blanco

At London Olympics, it’s all about the fans

Some 500,000 fans from around the world have gathered in London for more than 300 Olympic events. Cronkite News spoke with some of the more enthusiastic fans. Video Story By Blake Wilson

Opening Ceremonies captivate thousands

The best seats were at Olympic stadium, but that wasn’t the only place where Londoners gathered to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. They could be found in pubs, restaurants or other big-screen venues around London. By Pete Wilson

Thousands cheer in Olympics at Victoria Park

Nearly 20,000 Olympic fans went to Victoria Park in London to watch the opening ceremony on giant viewing screens. Victoria Park is just a few miles from Olympic Park where the ceremony took place. By Megan Stewart

Olympic pins lure collectors to London

Not all competitors in London are here to compete in the Olympic games. Many have come to collect gold, silver and bronze in the form of Olympic pins. By Kristin Couturier –– Video Story By Amber Harding

U of A graduate has London eye

Marissa Feiwus is no stranger to Europe, having traveled extensively in the region since arriving in March. Feiwus is a paid intern for the federal Workforce Recruitment Program and she works for the U.S. military in Germany. By Julie Levin

Olympic concert draws many without tickets

A crowd of people from across the world converged on London’s Hyde Park for a concert marking the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games. Many people couldn’t afford tickets, so they celebrated outside the park entrance. By Corie Stark

Bikes popular for surviving London traffic

The sheer volume of traffic in London has made bikes a popular choice for getting around. Sharing services are available that charge a small fee to use a bike for a given amount of time. By Nathan Humpherys

Bells ring across UK for Olympic athletes

Thousands of people rang bells of all kinds to celebrate the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London By Tiana Chavez

Olympics cause traffic headaches for locals

The casual traveler might not even notice. but to the locals it’s a disruption. Some 30 miles of London roads have undergone a major change because of the Olympics. Traffic lanes normally used by travelers and taxis have been reserved for the event. By Austin Controulis

Excitement builds in London

Hundreds have gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square, counting down to the start of opening day. This is only the third time London has hosted the Olympics, and fans say it is a rare opportunity they cannot wait to experience. By Amber Harding
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