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Corrective to May 18 Cronkite News story on sentencing guidelines

Editor’s Note: The latest version of the story on this site incorporates this corrective.

In the introduction to a May 18 story about efforts by some conservatives to change sentencing guidelines for non-violent offenders, Cronkite News erroneously reported the circumstances under which sentencing guidelines applied to the case of a woman sent to prison in 2009, the charges involved in that case and the offender’s criminal record.

The 2009 case for which woman was sentenced involved aggravated DUI, for which she received an 18-month sentence, and false reporting to law enforcement, for which she received 25 days to be served concurrently with another sentence. In this case, Arizona Revised Statues required a sentence of at least 10 days behind bars for a first instance of aggravated DUI.

At the same time, the woman was sentenced to prison for violating terms of parole for a 2003 sentence. She received two and a half years in prison for possession of a dangerous drug, which court documents listed as methamphetamine, and 18 months for failure to appear in that case.

In addition to pleading guilty in 1999 to possession and use of marijuana, the woman’s previous offenses included theft, two instances of possession and use of a dangerous drug, failure to appear and providing liquor to a minor.

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